Come explore and learn more about an exciting new progressive educational environment for Gainesville area learners.

What is Progressive Education? As Alfie Kohn found after reviewing decades’ worth of research including instruction in core subjects, open classrooms, student-centered education, democratic classrooms, multi-age instruction, cooperative learning, authentic assessment and other focuses; the results overwhelmingly favor progressive education and this approach can be recommended purely on the basis of its effectiveness (Kohn 2008). Progressive educational environments are not readily available as an option for learners. Coaches are asked to give up some control, which allows the learners to take more ownership. This practice has more uncertainty and is not always a comfortable path. Life follows this same uncertainty. Embracing being uncomfortable is essential to facilitating this type of learning. Our job is to get our children ready for the next step. Progressive [coaches] have to know a lot about pedagogy because no amount of content knowledge can tell you how to facilitate learning (Kohn 2008). This same can be said about living a fulfilling life you love.

One of the hardest decisions a parent makes is choosing a school for their children. Ignite School House offers an additional outstanding opportunity to help parents make this decision. As the Council for American Private Education’s motto states: Private education is good for the [learner], good for families and good for America (Capenet 2018). With the uncertainty of what the future holds for our learners, the environment created at Ignite School House will go a long way in preparing them for this future.

Summer 2019 Camps

Ignite School House is committed to attracting learners and staff of varied backgrounds and to developing inclusive studio communities that draw strength from a positive recognition of diversity.  Ignite School House does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, national or ethnic origin, or disability.