Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Below is a typical day at Ignite School House

Daily schedule

During morning group, learners will set intentions for the day and have a house meeting. Individual work time will be when the learners will concentrate in-depth on their core subjects. Each learner will be involved in the design of their own curriculum, taking ownership in their individual paths, progressing at their own pace. The pedagogical coach will be there to support the learners as needed, helping monitor the overall progress. The foundation lessons will be enhanced with project-based experiences.

The overarching method at Ignite School House will be based in progressive learning with Socratic teaching, small group discussions, problems and projects. The focus will be giving learners questions, not answers. This teaching will be led by the coaches as well as the learners. Group work will develop in multi-age teams with the emphasis on cooperation and collaboration. The learners will lead themselves.

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