6 Spheres of Ignite School House

The 6 spheres of Ignite School House will support a blended learning environment including the following:.

Digital Literacy: 21st Century skills related to using technology effectively & appropriately; digital citizenship & fundamentals will be used to provide real world projects embedded with a wide range of digital tools, media balance & well-being, privacy & security, digital footprint & identity, relationships & communication, cyberbullying, digital drama, news & media literacy.  This comprehensive curriculum, including an introduction to computer sciences & basic digital skills, will provide learners with essential digital literacy tools in preparation for the ever-growing number of jobs that have not even been created yet in the workplace.

Household Management: Learners will be given knowledge and practice in many areas of household management, including: home organization, cleaning, laundry, cooking, meal planning, event management, home maintenance and basic repairs, lawn work, financial literacy, textile & industrial arts and many others.

Entrepreneurship: Our learners will be guided to dream up and build a business of their own.  Throughout the year, they will gain a valuable skill set to assist them on this project.  These businesses will be showcased at our annual “Ignite Youth Business Showcase”.  This showcase gives learners the opportunity to be entrepreneurs. 

Focus/Apprenticeships:  Learners will partner with local small business owners, non-profit leaders and members of the community to explore individual passions.  Relationships will be built to further their individual educational paths.

Self-Care:  Learners will be introduced to different forms of self-care including: physical, mental and emotional.  This curriculum will teach life balance, the importance of diet and exercise, ways to manage anxiety, and overall wellness.

Culture: Learners will experience the “way of life” of different groups of people, including: food, music, arts, dance, customs and appropriate history.

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