Sponsorship Information

Ignite School House is a mission focused non-profit, with the initial goal of making a difference in our community by offering an additional option for learners. As a non-profit, we have the freedom to concentrate on pure impact.

We are looking for impact investing partners who want to help advance our mission of giving today’s learners the tools they need to live a fulfilling life they love. This partnership will have a strong social return, making a difference and impacting our community by helping numerous learners take ownership in their own educational paths and finding a connection to life-long learning that will change their future trajectory.

Ignite School House utilizes an ongoing sponsorship program. Partnerships with local businesses create relationships and build positive connections within the community, further aligning with our vision.

“Engineer Inc. is pleased to support our partner, Ignite School House, with Foundation-level sponsorship. We are excited to work with this like-minded education non-profit to put into practice hands-on Progressive Education pedagogies that engage learners in new ways.” Matthew Traum, Ph.D. CEO – Engineer Inc.