Studio Culture

Studio Culture

Studio culture directly impacts both the work the coaches do as well as the learning that is able to take place. The Ignite School House studio culture will focus on the principles of excellence, integrity, kindness, and freedom. These will facilitate fostering relationships, engaged learning, positive attention and mutual respect.

Fostering strong and positive relationships between the coaches and the learners is the most important component in our studio culture. This foundation is built on positive values and expectations, transparency, and understanding. These relationships create an environment based on trust and respect, where everyone feels safe. The Ignite School House team will use joy as a strategy in this environment, focusing on five ingredients of happiness: belong, autonomy, mastery, mind-set, and well-being (Walker 2017). This type of environment supports learning to happen at deep levels most people have not experienced before.

Engaged learning will be created by using differentiated instruction and learning activities, entertainment and promoting failure with positivity (Stumpenhort 2015). Ignite School House will follow the recommendations for a 21st Century learning environment as explained on “Physical learning environments need to sustain and promote multiple modes of student learning, supporting both individual and group work, providing space for presentation and exploration, promoting interaction and a sense of community, and fostering both formal and informal learning.” (Machado).

Every person needs attention. Our team will focus on providing positive attention in the studios, doing this in a way that does not distract from the other learners. When an interaction is tempted to follow a negative path, our team will use Randy Sprick’s CHAMPS model (Sprick 2014). This model uses the following five elements to create movement in a positive direction: Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, and Participation. When [learners] are able to talk, receive assistance, move and participate in an activity, the instances of misbehavior are lower according to Sprick (Stumpenhorst 2015). See the Resources tab to obtain the article for a list of discipline prevention and intervention strategies (Cornett 1999).

A team contract will be written including input from coaches and learners. Having input directly from the learners brings more investment from them as well. The Ignite School House culture is an upside down power structure, pushing balanced control and decision making to the learners. This allows them to care deeply about their learning, choose to work hard, hold boundaries for each other and rise to excellence. This structure instills intrinsic motivation, which in turn helps create a strong foundation for life-long learning.

Family engagement is an integral part of the culture at Ignite School House. Communication is the key throughout every aspect of creating this type of positive culture. Families will be expected to participate fully in the building of our culture. This type of engagement helps strengthen parent-child relationships as well. Family engagement will include: Ignite School House gatherings, family ceremonies, monthly potlucks, community meetings, family plans, and weekly surveys. This Ignite School House community will work together so no learner gets lost.

Together, we will create a learning environment that supports everyone involved and allows our learners to take ownership in their individual educational paths.

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Ignite School House is committed to attracting learners and staff of varied backgrounds and to developing inclusive studio communities that draw strength from a positive recognition of diversity.  Ignite School House does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, national or ethnic origin, or disability.